Demand Solutions

Demand Solutions’ Digital Supply Chain Platform provides the technology, data, and insights that you need in order to analyse complex problems and automate the simple ones.
Bringing artificial intelligence and machine learning together with descriptive and prescriptive analytics, Demand Solutions keeps your supply chain informed and in tune and puts autonomous planning within reach.

The Demand Solutions® digital supply chain platform delivers affordable, easy-to-use solutions for manufacturers and distributors designed to increase forecast accuracy, improve customer service levels, and reduce overall inventory to maximize profits and lower costs. Designed to run on Azure, a cloud service from Microsoft, the Demand Solutions digital supply chain platform offers capabilities for demand optimization, inventory optimization, supply optimization, retail optimization, quality & compliance, product lifecycle management, sourcing management, sales & operations planning, integrated business planning,  advanced analytics and supply chain data management.

Demand Optimization

Maximize the Return on Every Sale – and keep Customers Happy

Product Life Cycle

Turn Concepts into Profitable Products

Inventory Optimization

Enhance Customer Service While Slashing Stock Levels

Sourcing Management

Choose the Suppliers That Can Help You Thrive

Supply Optimization

Project Current and Future Supply Levels Across All Channels

Integrated Business Planning

Accelerate Your Journey to Outstanding Business Performance

Retail Optimization

Balance Supply and Demand to Boost Sales and Cut Costs

Supply Chain Data Management

Deliver a Complete View of Your Business from Multiple Data Source

Quality & Compliance

Keep Products Moving Smoothly Around the Globe

Advanced Analytics

Monitor Your Business Health in Real-Time

Better Together

Intelligent & Easy Supply Chain Platform

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enable quick decision making
Visualizations turning near real time data into actionable insigh

Embedded analytics provide the foundation for autonomous planning

Supply Chain Transformation

Build resiliency to enable supply chain visibility and deliver results

One seamless process from product concept to customer delivery

Accelerate decision making by moving from siloed systems to an integrated solution

Powering Organizations’ Digital Supply Chain

Data management platform leverages available enterprise data and additional structured and unstructured data

Connects any ERP or other enterprise system to create a powerful, complete solution

Embedded data management reduces risk and integration time

Combining the strengths of the Demand Solutions Digital Supply Chain Platform with the cloud capabilities of Aptus provides the path to implement your 3-year supply chain vision.
  • Implement solutions precision-engineered by industry-leading cloud + supply chain experts
  • Realize value transformation of increased productivity, increased savings, and greater efficiencies
  • Take advantage of the security and performance of Azure
  • Ensure compliance and savings as you increase service levels, reduce costs, replace inventory, and optimize manufacturing capabilities
  • Leverage customer success stories and third-party validation from Gartner show that our customers get the expected result out of their supply chain projects
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