In today’s challenging distribution environment, small and medium companies feel out-muscled by their larger competitors. But, with the right technology and flexible fulfillment tools, these smaller players can use the flexibility and agility to outmaneuver their large competitors and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Made4net is an innovative supply chain execution software provider focused on providing solutions to small and medium sized business (SMB).

Improve Your Warehouse Management Operations

Made4net’s Warehouse Management Software System (WMS) optimizes inventory, as well as the resources and the required material handling equipment.

WarehouseExpert™ is a robust real-time WMS that enables you to improve productivity, increase level of service, improve order fulfilment times and reduce overall operation costs.

WarehouseExpert™ collects data on every single transaction and movement in the warehouse, and uses this information to provide real time visibility of your resources and equipment on a warehouse map, location of pallets and performance and utilization metrics.

By utilizing equipment, storage space and warehouse associates who are driven by a robust task management engine, your organization will gain increased visibility, inventory accuracy and agility.

Transport Management – Schedule transport automatically

TransportExpert™ is a powerful transport management software solution that will help optimize your daily fleet management operations. Using advanced scheduling algorithms with an unlimited user defined rules, you will be able to automate fleet scheduling tasks and utilise your fleet to the maximum.

Minimising empty runs will generate immediate savings to your operations. Transport & driver planned availability are clearly presented to perform real-time job assignment.

Integrated with our e-POD module or with location tracking providers, our transport management software will allow real-time visibility of the fleet. You will be able to communicate accurate ETAs and proactively deal with “expected late” & “late” events to gain competitive advantage with much better customer service.

TransportExpert™ will delivery immediate savings in “back office” operations by automatic invoice generation, carrier rates management, driver’s fees and bonuses calculations. Billing agreements are extremely flexible and easy to set up!

About Made4net

Made4net was formed with a vision to support the growing demands of the small and medium logistic market with a powerful yet affordable integrated suite of products that address different parts of the chain. We know that different industries need specialized solutions and that every business faces unique challenges, and therefore we have managed to create a set of tools that will answer the ever changing requirements of the various market segments and verticals, through quick deployment and seamless integration.

Being a web-based solution that runs on browsers, we offer our solutions both “on premises” and “in the cloud”. Our approach has always been to give our clients tools that enable them to be less dependent on us as a supplier, and be more in charge of their logistical operations.

International Presence

Made4net is a global company with office locations in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia, servicing a reputed list of customers, at various sizes, languages, cultures and business flavors.

In EMEA the territory head office is in Israel and two regional offices in Czech Republic and United Kingdom.

International Presence – EMEA

  • Territory Head Office

  • Regional Offices

    Czech Republic
    United Kingdom
  • Partners

    Czech Republic
    South Africa
    United Kingdom
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