Are you a Warehouse Manager, then ditch the desk! DM Mobile is the solution!

November 3, 2020by Elena Stefan
A Warehouse Manager should spend more time on the floor

Usually warehouse managers are desk-bound, unable to spend enough time on the warehouse floor. The reason why they are captive in front of a desktop is the ‘’ static’’ WMS (warehouse management system). This situation is a ‘’pain’’ when it comes to communicating with the team, building relationships and providing feedback, also team performance quantification is not quite accurate.

In fact, the more time warehouse managers spend on the floor, the more effective they are in improving productivities and in creating good relationships with the team.

Thanks to technology evolution, fulfilling the need of the warehouse managers, to be more present on the warehouse floor, to supervise the operation and to communicate directly with staff, is now possible through all kinds of apps and devices.

Optimizing inventory and managing operations within the Supply Chain is an ongoing effort. Inadequate visibility of the inventory, orders management and other processes in place is preventing the business to achieve a higher level of productivities.

Usage of mobile computing devices, smartphones and tablets is providing a huge capability in order to optimize warehouse capacity utilization and also might eliminate redundant processes. Due to the fact that you have visibility over the inventory and the operational processes, on time and on being on the floor, you can react a lot quicker anytime is the case.

Ditch the desk and get all the power of your back office right in the palm of your hand!

Elena Stefan

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