How WMS is bringing savings?

What are the benefits your company can gain from?

  • Items traceability can be easily done with WMS and save a lot of time. The system is using lot/batch, that is indicating the group in which materials were made, also the serial number that represents a unique identifier assigned to an item and of course production data or expired data. The ability to match all these item’s information allows for full traceability, enables accurate inventory and provides full visibility in case of a recall situation.
  • WMS is providing accurate analyzes in order to have closer control of inventory level. Having the inventory visibility with data in real time, you can identify easy fast-moving items and their level of stock, also you can locate them in the best position for easy picking and fast replenishment. Managing the Inventory more efficient- inventory accuracy can be enhanced by over 99%.
  • Direct labor WMS has the ability to provide clear assignments with specific tasks. System directed activities minimize the time spent by the WMS users, in order to accomplish all the processes within a warehouse or a distribution center. Usually, after a WMS implementation you can have a labor productivity increase up to 20%, even more. WMS brings high potential in labor cost savings.
  • A WMS solution will provide you multiple options regarding Picking, activity that is considered one of the most expensive in most warehouses. WMS will create efficient picking paths; for example, it will guide the pickers in a way that minimizes the distance traveled, since WMS is able to plan multiple orders in a “wave”, in order to be picked on one pass through the pick faces or aisles. Also, mistakes are much less likely since the system keeps track of every item’ s location and quantity that is required to be picked for an order.
  • Labor tracking WMS has a Labor Management module that is very helpful for managers. Labor Management provides data in real time in order to measure KPI’s (key performance indicators) and have clear visibility regarding allocating time and resources in the most effective manner.
  • Less errors the less duplicate work you do, the more time and money you save! Each error requires correction and re-processing the same activities, in example, for the same orders, is a waste of time and money. The WMS helps you to reduce significantly the errors due to the fact that it has the ability to automatically identify the errors and you can fix them promptly.
  • WMS has also the ability to assist in the Slotting process; this means the process of assigning the items to the picking location considering criteria like: category, size, weight, product velocity, etc. Once the products are being well positioned, the picker will save travel time. Having this process in place, the system can recommend changes in bin/slot size and by default will be less replenishment.
  • Production planning and Procurement will become more efficient due to real-time inventory information provided by WMS.

Is worth mentioning that WMS is the enabler to leverage additional automation technologies within a warehouse. There are many types of automation for example, technologies like pick by voice, pick to light, inventory with drone, mobile pairing, robots, automated conveyors etc. are very well supported by WMS in order to streamline warehouse operation and bring savings in time.

In conclusion, implementing a Warehouse Management System (WMS) is bringing many benefits, it’s saving time and money, optimizes the processes and increases efficiency.
Even if it will take some time until you will see the return of investment, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Elena Stefan

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