Transport Management System

July 23, 2020by Elena Stefan
Why do we need a Transport Management System?

Transport Management System (TMS) became an essential tool inside the Supply Channel area that enables a good strategy along with a better synchronicity between processes.

TMS is able to bring significant changes in business operation by reducing Freight expenses, increasing customer service, tracking in time deliveries, improving warehouse productivities and streamlining processes.
There are multiple benefits brought to the business by installing a Transport Management System for any company with logistics processes. TMS will assist accurately and cost-effectively to move your products from origin to destination.

Main Benefits of Transport Management System
  • Reduce freight expenses – TMS is able to provide savings through analytics components; reducing empty kilometers by optimizing and consolidating the loadings and the routes, fact that is improving the efficiencies.
  • Visibility of trucks and deliveries in real-time – a TMS provides the ability to view where the truck is located in real-time, also provide information regarding the most efficient route.
  • Increase customer service level – the customer has the option to access information regarding the shipment and freight, TMS provides an online portal that is enabling on-time monitoring and the customer is able to locate where the truck is and the distance until destination.
  • Increasing Warehouse efficiency and productivity – another major benefit that can be mentioned is the efficiency and productivity improvement of the warehouse’s processes, especially when TMS pairing with a Warehouse Management System (WMS). These systems can contribute a lot in having a well- organized warehouse with a good fluency between the processes.
  • Provides reports, dashboards and scorecards- TMS apart from the standard reports is able to provide customized reports, dashboards and scorecards that enables making strategical arrangements in your supply chain area.
  • Centralize orders and load information – TMS is able to centralize all orders and load information in order to be easily accessed by any user or team member, having in this way continuity and speed in communication.

Elena Stefan

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