What is RFID? Why RFID?

June 11, 2020by Elena Stefan
What is RFID technology?

RFID – The most efficient and fastest method of scanning products
RFID- Radio-Frequency Identification- a method of uniquely identifying elements through radio waves.
The most advanced technology that appeared lately, which is able to make automated identification of the products.

Why we should use RFID?

Due to the fact that the RFID tag is unique, there is no risk of double reading, moreover, because the reading distance is large, more tags can be read at the same time, without the need to scan the products piece by piece. This is a great advantage in term of productivity, whether we are referring to the picking process, delivery, reception or inventory process.

RFID barcodes are very efficient for stocks, employees spend much less time inventorying products, locating and preparing products according to the client’s demand and traceability.

The difference between the barcode reader technology and RFID

The difference between the Barcode reader technology and RFID is that RFID doesn’t need direct contact.
For Barcode reader is necessary to have a label on the product and a suitable RF scanner, for RFID is necessary to have in plus specials tags or cartels attached to products.

By comparison, the Barcode is scanned using a light beam or a source of LED type that is reflected on the label that contains the code and RFID uses a low power radio frequency field. Using radio waves while scanning with RFID, the product can be scanned in any position.

While using Barcode reader is necessary to have a clean environment (without dust, oil, humidity, water, mud, etc.).
For RFID is no need for special condition, it is ideal for warehouses or industrial areas.

RFID technology is much faster than Barcode reader, the speed of reading with RFID is in the order of tens of milliseconds.

In order to conclude, the advantages of RFID versus Bare code reader are the following:

  • Tags are almost impossible to be falsify;
  • The speed of reading is much faster;
  • Tags can be placed any ware on the product, can be even integrated into the respective object;
  • The reading can be done trough multiple layers of nonmetallic materials, like: wood, carton, paint, plastic, etc.;
  • RFID doesn’t need special conditions, tags reading can be done even there is dirt, water, mud, steam, dust, etc.;
  • With RFID we can scan no matter if the temperature is (-) 40°C or (+) 200°C;
  • Tags have internal memory and can keep large quantity of data;
  • No errors in reading due to the incorporated system in RFID;
  • The tags are resistant and don’t necessitate maintenance, practically they have unlimited duration;
  • With RFID, the product can be scanned in any position, it is not necessarily direct contact;
RFID inconvenience

The only disadvantage discovered until this moment, for implementing RFID system is the extremely high cost, but still highly appreciated for the multiple benefits and high efficiency.

Elena Stefan

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